The Leap Frog

A Children's Story Classic

A Flea, a Grasshopper, and a Leap-frog once wanted to see which could jump highest;
and they invited the whole world to come to see the festival. Three famous jumpers were
they, as everyone would say, when they all met together in the room.

"I will give my daughter to him who jumps highest," exclaimed the King; "for it is not so
amusing where there is no prize to jump for."

The Flea was the first to step forward. He had exquisite manners, and bowed to the
company on all sides; for he claimed to have noble blood.

Then came the Grasshopper. He was considerably heavier, but he was well-mannered,
and wore a green uniform, which he had by right of birth; he said, moreover, that he
belonged to a very ancient Egyptian family, and that in the house where he then was, he
was thought much of.

It was thus that the Flea and the Grasshopper gave an account of themselves, and
thought they were quite good enough to marry a Princess.
The Leap-frog said nothing; but the housedog sniffed at him with his nose, he confessed
the Leap-frog was from a good family.

Now the trial was to take place. The Flea jumped so high that nobody could see where he
went to; so they all asserted he had not jumped at all; and that was

The Grasshopper jumped only half as high; but he leaped into the King's face, who said
that was ill-mannered.

The Leap-frog stood still for a long time lost in thought; it was believed at last he would
not jump at all.

"I only hope he is not unwell," said the house-dog; when, pop! he made a jump all at once
into the lap of the Princess, who was sitting on a little golden stool close by.

Hereupon the King said, "There is nothing above my daughter; therefore to bound up to
her is the highest jump that can be made; but for this, one must possess understanding,
and the Leap-frog has shown that he has understanding. He is brave and intellectual."

And so he won the Princess.
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