The First Christmas

A Children's Christmas Story

This is the way Christmas began. God had sent word to Mary by an angel
that a little baby should come to her. When you came to your mother she
thought you were the dearest, the prettiest baby she had ever seen. When
Mary's little baby came to her it was right for her to think she had the most
wonderful baby that was ever sent to a mother, for her baby was God's Son.
He had been the king of heaven. He came into this world to stay only a few
short years.

Mary was not at home when her baby was sent to her. She was in a little
town called Bethlehem, and she was in a stable with Joseph her husband.
The hotel was so full of people that there was no place in it for them to stay.
God did not wait until Mary got home, but He sent the baby to her just there
in the stable. As soon as Mary looked at him she knew what name to give
him, for the angel had told her that his name should be
Jesus. Your mother
had to find a name for you all by herself.

When you were sent to your mother she had a little cradle ready for you,
and lots of shirts, and skirts, and dresses, and socks.

There was no cradle in the stable, so Joseph made the best little bed he
could by putting clean hay in the box where the oxen ate their food.
A Storybook for Advent:
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"Soft and easy is thy cradle
Coarse and hard thy Saviour lay,
When His birthplace was a stable,
And His softest bed was hay."
Mary and Joseph did not put a dress on the little God-child; but they wrapped
him up by winding a long, strong piece of cloth around and around him. This
was all that Mary had ready for her baby, because she was very poor.

It was not long before some visitors came to see the baby; they did not even
wait until morning. The angels had woke them up, and told them where to find
the little God-child, and that they would know him because they would find
him lying in a manger, that is, the feeding-box of the oxen. Those first visitors
were shepherds. What do you think they did with their sheep while they came
to see the little Jesus?  One little boy thought that God minded them. Another
one thought they brought their sheep along.

The next visitors were three wise men, who were shown the way to the place
where Jesus was by a star that went before them all the way, and then stood
still when it had brought them there. They brought presents of gold and
precious things to the little God-child. They bowed their knees and worshiped
Jesus. People may love little babies a great deal, but they do not worship them
as the wise men worshiped the baby Jesus. They knew that he was the Son of

Do you know that Christmas is Jesus' birthday? The little Christ-child came
from heaven, and brought Christmas to you. When we celebrate Christmas we
are actually celebrating Jesus' birthday.
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